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Literary Events

Literary Events:

The Just Mercy series is happening at the Georgetown Library. Here is what the publicity says: Last night I attended the first discussion of a series of 4 discussions of Just Mercy by Bryan Stephenson, held at Georgetown Public Library as part of Georgetown Reads. Over FIFTY attended (we had to move to a larger room).

The series continues each of the NEXT THREE WEDNESDAYS. You do not need to have read the book to attend (although I hope you read it at some point).

You can also hear Bryan Stephenson speak - at Texas Lutheran University in Seguin at 7pm on Monday, February 22nd, so I expect the final Wednesday (24th) to include a recap from those who hear him speak (I will go if I find a carpool).

It was obvious that every attendee last night was moved by the conversation with so many bright and like-minded people, as we discussed the state of our criminal justice system, including local government. And most expressed feeling a call to action.

As an introduction to Bryan Stephenson, here is a link to his TED talk:

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Recommend One Second After as a complement to World Made by Hand

Hello book friends,
I have just finished our January selection World Made by Hand which I very much look forward to discussing in January.  After you’ve finished it, if you’re looking for more, I recommend One Second After* by William R. Forstchen as a good complement. One Second After addresses life in the IMMEDIATE aftermath (in this case of an electromagnetic pulse), while World Made by Hand represents life 10+ years later. Each book triggered lots of pondering - but about somewhat different things.
*Billie Perkins nominated this book for our club a few years ago but it was not selected.


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